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Please donate to the cell of St. Nicholas, Pantocrator Monastery, Mount Athos

Saint John of the Ladder writes reffering to the first step of Divine Ascent called "On renunciation of the world": "The whole monastic state consists of three specific kinds of establishment: either the retirement and solitude of a spiritual athlete, or living in silence with one or two others,  or settling patiently in a community. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left, but follow the King’s highway. Of  the  three ways  of life stated above, the second is suitable for many people."

I spent many years in the monastery, which often gives rise to misunderstandings.

So I chose to do what the Lord says: "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst". Three years ago or so I left the Hermitage Prodromul taking initiative to raise money with the blessing of my confessor, Fr. Julian, to purchase and beautify the cell of St. Nicholas on the territory of the Pantokrator Monastery, Mount Athos. Today this cell is in custody of Father Gregory which will leave the cell in our care: Fr. Ilie (Tepurlui Dorel), Fr. Paisie and Monk Zenovie (Grumeza Zaharia), for a sum of 25,000 euros that is needed for the acquisition and restoration of the athonit cell.

At this point the cell consists of: a church at the floor level - a place of prayer and worship that can hold up to 15 people, a warehouse located under the church, two rooms used for living purposes, a kitchen and a storage annex. All the construction of the cell was done using donkeys because the access to the main road is only a path of about 400 meters.

At the moment the total donations are less than 8,000 euros, money raised over the last 2-3 years from the limited possibilities of Romanian orthodox christians, because most of the time we were not in Romania but at the Holy Mount Athos. This has limited our efforts of communication and of gathering donations, because of the distance between Romania and Mount Athos which makes the means of communication between the two contries to be sometimes very expensive (for instance, international phone calls are very expensive and are not always helpful).

In our travels through Romania while raising money and searching for aid, we found people with big hearts who have given us hope to go back at least once or twice a year and obtain the support all three of us need to acquire for the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Cell.

Those who can help us, either by providing donations or construction materials, are invited at the Holy Mountain Athos where they can see for themselves the state of things and can be considered not only donators but also founders of St. Nicholas Cell from the Pantokrator Monastery. To complete the move of the ownership of the hermitage to the three Romanian monks, at this time - October 2015 - are needed just over 17,000 euros for the purchase and reconstruction of the kitchen, dining room and the three rooms used for living.

We live currently in other monasteries of the Holy Mountain, but we hope that once the donations for the cell will allow us, we can get to invite the faithful to this place of prayer of Romanian parents on the Pantokrator Monastery's territory. For this, we need the help of our Christian brothers, with donations big or small, all of them being necessary for the St. Nicholas Cell becoming a Romanian place of worship inside the Holy Mount Athos. We need your help for this small place of worship and prayer in honor of St. Nicholas inside the Holy Mount Athos, so please donate!

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DONATE: People can make donations for the Saint Nicholas Cell, the Pantokrator Monastery directly to the Fr. Ilie (Tepurlui Dorel), Fr. Paisie and Monk Zenovie (Grumeza Zaharia) or by using these accounts: RO75RNCB0086004950790001 - Lei (RON) RO50RNCB0289004950790001 EUR, USD RO21RNCB0086004950790003

For those from abroad, SWIFT code RNCB ROBU, Mobile telephone number: +4.021.407.4200. 

Monah Zenovie (Grumeza Zaharia),
Karyes (Kareia) 63086, BOX-128, Mount Athos, Greece.
Tel (GR): 0030 694 712 1942, Tel (RO): 004.0749.358626.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Cell St. Nicholas Monastery of Pantokrator
Mount Athos, 2014.

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